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Tab M Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Tab M - Essay ExampleThe present province of the Missouri Secretary of State includes overseeing different crucial areas, which are generally choice related, business related and other government related operations. In the election related operations, the Secretary of State often play the role of the main election official during the state elections. Secretary of State also regulates the office where modification of candidate takes place. In business duties, the Secretary of State is responsible for the registration of all the profit and non-profit based organizations within the state. Additionally, the Secretary of State does have to lionize an eye over the libraries and archives of the state along with handling of other operations such as issuing of automobile registrations among others (, Publications & Forms).The Streamlined Sales and the uptake of Tax Agreement (SSUTA) is generally a kind of agreement implemented by the government of the United States, so as to ca rry out the sales process and the tax administration system within the member states in a simplified and transparent manner (, Streamlined Sales And 2 spend Tax Agreement).Currently, SSUTA is implemented with the prime intention of making Missouri capable enough to adopt the definition along with the procedures of the sales tax that has been agree upon by all the 22 member states (Blouin, Missouri House Committee Substitute Streamlined Sales Tax Bill Contains Significant Negative insurance policy Consequences).The Streamline Sales tax Project (SSTP) is highly effective in simplifying the tax regulations and the sales process. The guidelines of the SSTP have subsequently helped multiple states within US in terms of upgrading their sales and tax systems (Streamlined Sales tax Project, Welcome to the Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System).The archives of the Missouri

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The Politics of a New Industrial Order Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Politics of a New Industrial Order - Essay Exampleelieved that every soul is equal and no one should be treated unequally in the society so they struggled to remove corruption and influence of rich the great unwashed on the society. They also aimed to increase the government-public relationship so that there will be no communication gaps between and the problems of people could be solved. (Ideas and drifts, 19th Century)To carry on with their motives and beliefs the progressives used different tactics. Many intellectuals wrote about the horrors of poverty, urban slums, dangerous factory conditions, and child labor to inform the people and get their support which was needed for the movement to succeed. The next major thing in the early reform period was abolitionism that is the force to remove slavery from the society. It also prohibited the intake of intoxicants as it pollutes the mind. after that was the struggle for the rights of women and the decreasing value of rural areas. After that it was the turn of social Darwinism to be removed from the society. This step was taken to loosen the grip of wealthy people on the society.The movement benefitted the people by loosening the power of their bosses on them. It helped them in getting rid of the gentry. The steps to stop labor exploitation gave safer effect environment to the workers and this dropped the death rate. Different acts that were passed helped the investors (Sherman Antitrust Act 1890).Apart from benefits, the movement had some drawbacks. It triggered spacious work hours as the economy was expanding and the labor worked for very long hours. The next flaw was that by increasing the public-government relationship, the movement increased the chances of corruption and bribery. The movement encouraged schooling but at that time the industry had a great influence due to which the intellectual became reluctant to teach and thus the students became reluctant to study.

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Models of Criminal Justice System in England and Wales Essay

Models of Criminal Justice System in England and Wales - Essay ExampleThese delegate the constabulary with the responsibility of the control of nuisance (Lea 2002, pp.32,67) the Prison Service, to run prisons the Probation Service with the role of rehabilitation the Crown Prosecution Service, for bringing action against those suspected of committing a crime the Magistrates Courts and the Crown Court with the responsibility of dealing with the trial of suspected criminals the Court ofAppeals for the final conviction of the perceived criminal the Prison Service, for running prisons the Serious fraudulence Office for the investigation of frauds and other similar offences that affect trade the corporate world (Davies, Croall & Tyrer, 1995, pp.274, 342, 121, 152, 156, 274, 133).A youthful CJS agency in England and Wales took effect in 2001. The sensitive Criminal Defence Service was established by the Access to Justice Act of 1999 which also established a Legal Services Commission wh ich supervises this new agency (Wheeler 2006,p.165). This provides state-employed defence counsel that serves as lawyer to indigent defendants (Hirschel et al 2007,p.176).The CJS in England and Wales is essentially rooted in three principles. The first is that an incriminate is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty by proof beyond reasonable doubt. The second is that the criminal justice system is basically adversarial in nature i.e. that the accused is aided in his defence by a counsel while a prosecutor tries to prove that he is guilty and both parties face from each one other in court as adversaries (Davies, Croall & Tyrer 1995, p.193). The third principle states that there is criminal liability only when there exists in the actor

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Leaders Obligation When Discharging Patients Essay

Leaders Obligation When Discharging Patients - Essay ExampleFrom a social perspective, timely sink may appreciably improve a patients health and decrease the chance of readmission of patients. Social responsibility is essential even for the poor and the disadvantaged. Political influences are evident in legislations that intend to improve the health care system through the reduction of health care costs and bettering its quality by ensuring divert behavior among health care providers. Healthcare reforms demand for appropriate behavior in managed care in spite of political influences (Wong, Yam, Cheung, Leung, Chan, Wong, and Yeoh, 2011). Legally, there are court cases and lawsuits in case hospitals handle discharge inappropriately. Besides, nurses have an estimable obligation to attend to their patients and ensure their moral wellbeing without any conflict of interest. In terms of regulation, it is in line with good practices in hospital discharge process.There are diverse skills and strategies that a nurse leader should use to advocate for positive change related to discharge. Discharge is an ongoing process that should branch at the earliest opportunity, and not be an isolated event. Positive change involves minimization of the number of readmissions and enrichment of the financial well-being of healthcare systems. Other strategies include pre-discharge interventions such as medication reconciliation and patient education, and post-discharge interventions such as home visits (Hachem, Canar, Fullam, Gallan, Hohmann, and Johnson,

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Define the role of government in public policy Research Paper

Define the role of government in public policy - Research Paper Exampleich it buns never be for the interest of any individual, or piffling number of individuals, to erect and maintain because profit could never repay the expense to any individual or small number of individuals, though it may frequently do overmuch more than repay it to a great society.Adam Smiths record can be fork overed to mean that the role of government is in the area of defense, administration of justice, public works, and in building and maintaining institutions in the public interest. It is easy to interpret the first three governments role is in defense, justice, and in public works. However, the fourth can have several interpretations. In any case, much of economics has maintained that market is far more efficient than government in allocating private goods and services---provided that the goods or services have no externalities or supererogatory benefits or harm (Rosen, 1995, pp. 61-89). Supposedly, there are also public goods which can be in the best interest of the public that government provides. However, much of economics has said that although government has a responsibility in making public goods or services available, the government can mobilize the private sector to kindle the goods or services. Thus, this is the rationale for privatization and public-private partnerships to make available certain goods and services that would be in the interest of the public to make available.On the other hand, Thomas Hobbes, illusion Locke, Bentham Mill, and Jean Jacques Rosseau emphasized a social contract between rulers and the ruled (Gaus & Kukathas, 2004, p. 23-24). However, given the possible variations of feasible interpretations that can be made on the statement of Adam Smith and given the range of needs that the ruled can demand on rulers on what constitute their obligations as rulers, the role of government in public policy can be anything that the public has successfully asserted politically. Of course, economists can talk of efficiency but as was

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A health needs assessment of a community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

A health needs assessment of a community - Essay ExampleHounslow is the ninth largest borough in London with an area of twenty two square miles. Chiswick lies to the east and Bedfont to the west. The borough has one thousand two hundred and thirty eight hectares of open space in the form of seventy four parks and recreation centres. The rivers Thames, Brent, Crane, Longford and Duke of Northumberland run through the borough. Hounslow has been historically related to transportation and related services. Hounslow has hotels and guest houses that serve passengers travelling via the Heathrow Airport, set(p) nearby. The Hounslow residential area caters to diverse tastes. It has parks, nature reserves, leisure centres, a pedestrianised high street, facilities for shopping and entertainment, and theatres for lovers of drama, music and comedy. The town centre offers amenities such as the pact Center, cafes and the local library around the high street. The economy of Hounslow has been benefi ted by redevelopment around the region, especially by the creation of new business parks in Chiswick and Bedfont. This has attracted media, pharmaceuticals and technology companies to the borough, besides existing businesses such as GlaxoSmithKline and BSkyB. Residents are employed in the airport supply chain, in industries such as retail, catering, freight, transport, logistics and security.212,341 people were living(a) in Hounslow in 2001. 104,239 were males and 108,102 were females. The existence density (per person hectares) was 37.93. 99.14 percent of the people were living in households. 6.71 percent of the people were less than 4 years old. 12.6 percent of the people were in the age group 10-19. 58.88 percent of the people were in the age group 20-59. The mean age of the population was 35.42 years. The median age of the population was 33 years. 166,863 people aged 16 and over in households. 53.2 percent of these were living in a couple. Among 168,609 people aged 16 and ove r, 37.7

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Cultural Challenges within a Health Care System Essay

Cultural Challenges within a Health Care System - Essay ExampleIt is in this regard that this essay aims to present what the purpose of culture is. Further, this paper would delve into the challenges this concept has to perceptions of health and illness in the health care profession. Finally, concrete examples of the challenges in Arabic culture would be provided for clearness and confirmation.Delaune and Ladner (2006) in their book on Fundamentals of Nursing defined culture as knowledge, beliefs, behaviors, ideas, attitudes, values, habits, customs, languages, symbols, rituals, ceremonies, and practices that are unique to a particular group of people. (p.388) unbiased folks ordinarily know culture as a way of life. To enable a health practitioner to incorporate the concept of culture and be able to address the challenges associated in the effective delivery of healthcare, one should be aware of the concept of cultural competence.According to Campinha-Bacote (1996) cultural compet ence is a process, not an end point, in which the nurse continuously strives to achieve the ability to effectively work within the cultural context of an individual, family or community from a different cultural/ethnic background. (p.6) The attainment of cultural competence is viewed as a process that links cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skill, cultural face-off and cultural desire.There are six organizational factors which were identified in two separate studies. When combined, these factors provide a guideline for nursing implications relative to a particular cultural group. The organizational factors presented by Spector (2004) and Stanhope and Lancaster (2004) distinguishes outstanding cultural aspects grouped accordingly, and would assist nurses in providing the appropriate patient care. These factors are (1) communication (2) space (3) prison term orientation (4) social organization (5) environmental control and (6) biological evaluations.Arabic is the key to understanding the Arabs, their culture, and