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Middle East History Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Middle East History Questions - Essay Examplethe Statesn had a second war for independence with British g everyplacenment. The government rigorously sustained its efforts in integrating the fed epochl states and has sustained its economic expansionism in legion(predicate) of its politically controlled nations in eastern part, in Asia and in Hawaii (Norton & Katzman, 2011). The capital awakening assuaged the removal of slavery and paved toward the recognition of women as partners for economic development. reconstruction era further bolstered the removal of discrimination and paved the way to naturalization of citizens. The 19th century featured United States as an imperial nation which keep down Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam in a Treaty of Paris. Industrialization and progressive movements as the west accumulated wealth through import and export policies. The nation upholds the primacy of reading to develop skilled and intellectual labor forces. Capitalism became its dominant economic philosophy while government focused on mining, agriculture, telecommunication development and spheric marketing. It further gained power as its financial institution gained more control over nations who availed financial supports and loans at the height of economic depression (Norton & Katzman, 2011 Kinzer, 2011). The west gained the show as the first nation, global power and economic authority thru globalization. It wielded military power in World War I and considered communism as a Red Scare, a threat to American idealism, during the World War II. In this war, with allied nations, America supported partners with resources, food, petroleum and technology (Norton & Katzman, 2011 Kinzer, 2011). In 1920s, America suffered Great Depression which resulted to deflation and increase of unemployment rate. They were however able to restore the system by regulating and reforming the banking system, stock market and its economy. The nation vigorously sustained its geographic comp ortment in many nations either by the deployment of its military forces in strategic regions, or by economic relations thru trade and offshore marketing, by gaining over nautical highways, and import-export relations using treaties and agreements (Tuveson, 1980). The mid part of the 19th century was considered as the cold war period where US and Russia gained the reputation of storing weapons of mass destructions. The era also showed partnership of US and Britain in their interest in West Germany, thus the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949. many a(prenominal) decades, thereafter, US waged its anti-terrorism campaign against al-Qaeda network through allied nations. War in Iraq and Afghanistan ensued until the arrest and death of Osama Bin Laden, head of terrorist organization, in Pakistan recently. While America is admittedly dependent on oil from Middle East countries, but eastern nations, most of which are member states of OPEC, have difficulty in a dapting the intellectual, technological, economic, and

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